TOPICS: Skinky sex or maybe a few mates hanging out

WEIRD: Topics wonders what reptiles get up to. Picture: Lily RayAre these lizards mating or fighting? Topics found a creepy surprise while having our morning coffee in the garden the other day.

We noticed a bit of a flurry going on near the basil and, looking closer, saw these little skinks having some sort of party.

There were two little critters with mouths clenched firmly on the belly of a third, not moving; just hanging out.

By the time we grabbed our camera, one biter had scampered away, but the cheeky one in the picture clung on for a good hour or so before wandering away. Do we have any reptile-experts reading? What is this bizarre phenomenon?

Are the lizards worried we don’t find them scuzzy enough as it is? The internet didn’t help us much, but did direct us towards an interesting account of a pet bluetongue biting its master’s pinky finger in two places.

STEFFI Graf had a crazy fan. So did Jodie Foster. Ominously Knights five-eighth Jarrod Mullen has one too, called Mullo Lover, who comments on the Herald website.

Whose is craziest? Time will tell. Here’s Mullo Lover’s take on a range of matters.

Selectors put Mullen up against Origin rival in City-Country game

‘‘This is an embarrassment, making Mullo play a waste of time game, he should be captain of Australia not running around in some park at Wagga. His time would be better spent shooting more Singo’s Meats ads.’’

Second sinkhole opens up in Swansea

‘‘That’s not a sinkhole, knights captain & all time legend the immortal Sir Jarrod Mullen put up a bomb in Newcastle last week & with the slight breezes it came down in Swansea just this morning & created a deep crater.’’

Mullen says ‘‘business as usual’’ for Knights after Tinkler departure

‘‘I can see it now, Legendary knights captain Sir Jarrod Mullen will purchase the club for $1, anoint himself captain coach & be the first man in history to own/captain/coach a team from cellar dwellers to the NRL premiership. All while filming an extensive range of Singo’s Meats commercials with Allan Robinson.’’

STALWART: David Hamilton of Kurri Kurri, who may be lost, in Newcastle hockey gear in Florida.

WE asked for readers in Newcastle gear abroad and David Hamilton, of Kurri Kurri, delivered.

‘‘A couple of years ago we went to see Tampa Bay Lightning play the Anaheim Ducks at Tampa Bay in Florida,’’ says David.

‘‘I’m pretty sure I was the only person wearing a Newcastle Northstars jersey.’’

In fact, we’re prepared to bet David was the first person to wear a Northstars jersey to a game of anything in Florida, ever.

Sumtimes its to much

WHAT are the most commonly misspelled words? We all dissapoint from time to time, and it’s not always easy to accomodate.

Truth is, mistakes happen to the best of us on occaision. You’ll even find them in Newspaper ads (pictured). Definately. Loosers.

Do you see a word constantly misspelled? Are you a serial misspeller? Is that even a word? Dob or confess at [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校.au or tweet @TimConnell.

READER Mick, of Newcastle, agrees with Topics that a citywide party should follow a Blues victory (touch wood) in Origin two.

‘‘Any boss who sacks a bloke for not going to work the Thursday after NSW win Origin two is a bum!’’ says Mick, channelling a former prime minister.

We concur, and reckon that goes for female workers too.